Joe Biden for President

The chorus of endorsements is large and diverse

Karie Luidens
35 min readNov 2, 2020


October 1: Let’s Do This!

On the last day of September 2020, I woke up so utterly bummed that I could barely bring myself to get out of bed.

Eventually I had to, because, dogs. Dogs need feeding and walking. (And whatever dog-bodies need, my own animal-body needs too, so, thanks guys.)

And then there’s this: I didn’t want to spend the next month wallowing under the covers, overwhelmed by awfulness and paralyzed by dread. Not if I could help it. So, here’s what I resolved.

Six months earlier, I created an art project to deal with pandemic anxiety. That became “A Drawing a Day,” which is archived here:

Now, it was time to revive that project to deal with election depression. And to advocate for democracy! With art. Yay.

We had a month till the general election would decide the fate of this country and all the people who live here. Also, the planet and all the people who live on it. Also, the rest of our planetary ecosystem: the soil, the air, the forests, the coral reefs. Monarch butterflies. Some whales. Blah blah, you get it.

Here was my tiny contribution, posted daily to Facebook and Instagram: 30+ days of encouragement to vote, rendered more or less artistically.

Let’s Do This!

October 2: Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Bend the Arc Jewish Action endorses Joe Biden for president. This is an excerpt from their full statement, which you can read here:

“Even before Donald Trump took office, we knew that this nation, built on the backs of Black and Indigenous people, had a long way to go toward dismantling the structural inequalities and oppressions of our system. But with white…



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