Nicole Smith on the wonder of astrophotography

Astrophotographer Nicole Smith with one of her telescopes aimed at a clear New Mexico sky. Photos by Nicole Smith

Public art celebrates community in Albuquerque’s International District

“You are not only from the place you are born, but from the place where your heart is.” Visitors to Mesa Verde Park can now explore three newly-dedicated welcome beacons emblazoned with quotes by community members. Photo by Karie Luidens

A vibrant sober space for the whole community

Manager Kamara Gomez and founder Dominic Cagliostro on Ancora Cafe & Bakery’s shaded patio. Photo by Karie Luidens

Dancing Earth founder Rulan Tangen explores liminal spaces

Rulan Tangen for Dancing Earth at Ghost Ranch. Photo by Paulo Rocha-Tavares

Artist Zahra Marwan on painting her own story

Artist Zahra Marwan is framed by two of her watercolors. Left: “Worried to be sitting alone by the river, I saw three cranes land.” Right: “When I felt shy as a child.” Images courtesy of the artist

Albuquerque’s newest mural envisions a brighter world

Artists Votan Ik, Leah Lewis, and Saba unveiled the mural “Abya Yala: Indigenous Freeways” on May 22. Photo courtesy of NSRGNTS

Petra Brown traces weaving’s cross-cultural threads

Petra Brown works at a floor loom during one of her weaving apprenticeships. Photo courtesy of the artist

A branch of the gift economy sets up shop at the mall

Erin Garrison, co-founder of Food Is Free Albuquerque, poses outside the nonprofit’s new community space, opening May 15 at Cottonwood Mall. Photo by Karie Luidens. Plant photos by Anastasiya Romanova and Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Artist Molly Pesata on her beloved Jicarilla Apache heritage

Photo by Colton Pesata-Monarco

A painter, a photographer, and an invitation to meditate

Top left: Alice Webb’s “Balance Beam” (oil and silver leaf on canvas), photo courtesy of the artist. Photos of “Aimless Wandering” exhibit by Karie Luidens

Karie Luidens

I’m an Albuquerque-based writer of criticism, commentary, current events, and semi-connected musings. She/her.

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